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Plastering, Rendering and Drywall services in and around Bromley, Kent


Bromley Plastering Services. Your local specialist plastering and rendering contractor

As a professional plasterer serving both domestic and commercial clients in Bromley and the surrounding areas you can rest assured that no matter what your plastering needs are we are here to take care of them.

When you initially contact us we will discuss which of our plastering, rendering or drywall services you are interested in.

Whilst some jobs may seem simple like skimming a wall or installing drywall there are many underlying factors that need to be taken into consideration. All of these we will discuss with you upon an initial free survey being carried out.

We are strong believers in offering a high standard of workmanship and also an honest and transparent service. All works we undertake are delivered to an exact high standard that you would expect from a professional contractor.  We offer a variety of services and can also take care of any niche requirements that you may have.




Plastering & Skimming

Plastering and skimming of walls and ceilings is the finishing touch to a room prior to painting.

Plastering is the process of spreading a wet plaster mix over a render , brick or board finish to give a smooth finish which can ultimately be painted to offer a nice aesthetic appearance.

That’s not to say that a smooth finish is the only option. We can also offer the following finishes: Rough cast, sand faced, pebble dash, scrapped, Textured and depeter. All of these options we can discuss upon an initial survey

Plastering & Skimming services in Bromley
Rendering service in Bromley



Rendering the outside of a property serves many functions. It protects against the elements and therefore prevents moisture issues. Rendering also is an easy way to hide an unattractive wall and give an old run down property a modern clean look.


Coving & Artex

Coving is a perfect solution to enhance your home decor and hide settlement cracks between walls and ceilings. It is a very popular choice in both older and modern properties and we can advise you on your options when carrying out an initial site survey.

Artexing was very popular in the 1960’s to early 1990’s We are still able to offer this as a service and is an ideal way to cover up bumps and imperfections on walls and ceilings.

Coving & Artex services in Bromley
Drywall services in Bromley



Bromley Plastering Services are a company that offers dry wall installation in the South East London area.

We specialize in commercial and residential projects, and can handle all of your drywall needs from start to finish.

Our team will work with you every step of the way, from designing your project to getting it installed on time. Contact us anytime

Bromley Plastering Services COMPANIES FAQ

Obviously the cost of plastering a room is dependant on the size. Re-skimming over existing plaster to correct blemishes and minor damage for a small room can range from £370-£510 and then a medium room £410 – £570 The best way to get a fixed quotation is to call us today.

You can plaster yourself, however it is a skill that takes a lot of practice to perfect. There is much online information on how to plaster and if you are feeling brave then give it a go. Just take your time and start on a small area… Who knows you maybe a pro !!

Plastering and skimming are a very similar process. Skimming does offer a smooth final layer that is ready to be painted where as plaster surfaces are always rough. Skimming is usually applied to a plastered surface to smooth it out.

Plasterboard when plastered takes 2-3 days to dry but backing plaster takes 4-6 days. It is always advisable to wait at least one week before applying paint. It can even take up to a month. This really depends on the temperature of the room.

If a professional plasterer has completed the works on your walls and ceilings then it is unlikely that sanding will be necessary. Sometimes a very light sand maybe advisable if there are tiny imperfections that need removing prior to painting.

Skim coating can normally save a wall with small cracks and imperfections. If there are loose sections of plaster then these sections would need removing and a complete re-plaster of these areas will be required

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