All about Bromley Kent

Bromley is a town in the London Borough of Bromley, in Greater London, England. It is one of the major metropolitan centres in the United Kingdom, with a population of over 60,000 people.

The town has a long history dating back to the Anglo-Saxon period. It was an important market town in the medieval period and became a borough in 1553. In recent years, Bromley has undergone significant regeneration, with new shopping and leisure facilities being built.

Bromley is well-connected to the rest of London, with good transport links by road and rail. The town is served by two mainline railway stations: Bromley North and Bromley South. There are also numerous bus services operating in the town.

Bromley is home to a number of notable landmarks, including the Grade I listed Bromley Palace and St Peter & St Paul’s Church. The town also has a number of parks and open spaces nearby such as Crystal Palace Park and Beckenham Place Park.

Fun Facts about Bromley Kent

  • Bromley was once known as ‘The Capital of the South’ because of its wealth and importance.
  • Bromley Palace was built in 1488 and is one of the oldest surviving buildings in the town.
  • The first ever cremation in England took place in Bromley in 1885.
  • Bromley Town Hall, which was opened in 1903, is said to be haunted by the ghost of a former mayor.
  • Bromley has more green spaces per person than any other London borough.
  • The famous composer Handel lived in Bromley for a time and composed some of his works here.
  • The first section of the London Underground’s Piccadilly line was opened between Bromley and Hammersmith in 1906.
  • Bromley FC, the town’s football team, were founded in 1892 and played their first ever match against Woolwich Arsenal.
  • Bromley has been used as a filming location for a number of films and TV shows, including ‘The Omen’, ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘EastEnders’.
  • There are more than 100 listed buildings in Bromley, including several churches and historic houses.
  • The town centre is home to the biggest Marks & Spencer store in London.
  • Bromley’s famous Clock Tower was built in 1858 and is one of the tallest in London, at over 100 feet tall.
  • The Glades, Bromley’s shopping centre, is the second largest in Greater London.
  • Bromley’s farmers’ market is said to be one of the best in London, with stalls offering a range of produce from local suppliers.
  • Crystal Palace Park, which is located nearby, is one of the largest parks in London and covers over 200 acres.

What to do in Bromley Kent

  • Visit Bromley Palace, one of the town’s most notable landmarks
  • Take a walk in one of Bromley’s many parks and open spaces, such as Crystal Palace Park
  • Explore the shops and restaurants in the town centre
  • Catch a show at the Churchill Theatre
  •  Visit the Kentish Times Museum to learn about the history of the town
  •  Enjoy a meal or drink at one of Bromley’s many cafes, bars and restaurants
  •  Take a ride on the historic Bromley North Railway
  •  Visit the Market Square to find fresh produce and local goods
  •  Attend a event at the St. George’s Church Hall, a popular venue for music and comedy shows
  •  Go ice skating at the rink in Beckenham Place Park
  •  Watch a football match at Bromley FC’s stadium, Hayes Lane
  •  Visit the handprints of famous people in Bromley, including Sir Winston Churchill and Charlie Chaplin, which are located on the pavement outside the Glades shopping centre.

Places to Eat and Drink in Bromley Kent :

  • The Churchill Arms: A pub located in the town centre, serving a range of traditional British dishes.
  • The Walnut Tree: A restaurant serving French cuisine, located in Bromley North.
  • Giraffe: A chain restaurant serving international food, located in The Glades shopping centre.
  • Zizzi: An Italian chain restaurant, located in Bromley South station.
  • Toby Carvery: A chain restaurant serving roast dinners and other British classics, located on Widmore Road.
  • Cafe Rouge: A French bistro chain, located on High Street.
  • Bill’s: A popular cafe/restaurant chain, located on Kentish Way.
  • The Stag: A pub located in Bromley South, serving a range of beers and traditional pub food.
  • The Sugarloaf: A cafe located on Market Square, serving homemade cakes and light lunches.
  • Bella Italia: An Italian chain restaurant, located on High Street.
  • Strada: Another Italian chain, located on Widmore Road.
  • Prezzo: Yet another Italian chain, also located on Widmore Road!  
  • Pizza Express: A popular pizza chain, located on Kentish Way.
  • Ask Italian: Another Italian restaurant chain, located on High Street.
  • Robata: A Japanese grill restaurant, located on Widmore Road.
  • Thai Orchid: A Thai restaurant, located on Masons Hill.
  • Cinnamon: An Indian restaurant, located on Masons Hill.
  • The Rajdoot: Another Indian eatery, also located on Masons Hill.
  • Nando’s: A chicken restaurant chain, with a branch in The Glades shopping centre.

As can be seen there is many things to do and see in Bromley Kent . It is a great place to live or visit. There is something for everyone in this wonderful town.

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