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Plastering & Skimming Southborough

Plastering and skimming of walls and ceilings is the finishing touch to a room prior to painting.

Plastering is the process of spreading a wet plaster mix over a render , brick or board finish to give a smooth finish which can ultimately be painted to offer a nice aesthetic appearance.

That’s not to say that a smooth finish is the only option. We can also offer the following finishes: Rough cast, sand faced, pebble dash, scrapped, Textured and depeter. All of these options we can discuss upon an initial survey

Rendering Southborough

Rendering the outside of a property serves many functions. It protects against the elements and therefore prevents moisture issues. Rendering also is an easy way to hide an unattractive wall and give an old run down property a modern clean look.

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Coving & Artex services in Bromley

Coving & Artex Southborough

Coving is a perfect solution to enhance your home decor and hide settlement cracks between walls and ceilings. It is a very popular choice in both older and modern properties and we can advise you on your options when carrying out an initial site survey.

Artexing was very popular in the 1960’s to early 1990’s We are still able to offer this as a service and is an ideal way to cover up bumps and imperfections on walls and ceilings.

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